Crossing the Ditch DVD

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The Tasman Sea is one of the world’s deadliest and most treacherous oceans, spanning 2200 kilometres between Australia and New Zealand. No one had ever successfully navigated the Tasman by although many had tried – once with a tragic outcome.

This is the story of two young Australians, James Castrission and Justin Jones, who took on the Tasman and conquered it. In their tiny kayak, they battled ten metre towering waves, massive storms, sharks and currents that conspired against them.

“At first you ask ‘Why’? Why do some individuals risk everything to test the boundaries of endurance? Like all great stories this one offers answers. Through its humour and tears, its aspirations, perils, follies and ultimate triumph we learn what it is to be human. That, together, we negotiate the chaos of the world by relying on the better, more heroic, parts of ourselves.”


WINNER of Best film on exploration and adventure at the Banff Mountain Film Festival and Grand Prize at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival.