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Wild Edition 184

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Steve Leeder’s air is just part of the winter celebration we’re having in Issue #184: There’s a photo essay of Steve’s backcountry aerial antics; Shaun Mittwollen writes thoughtfully on what it means to be a snow hunter in Tasmania’s rugged peaks; and Nat Walkom tells the tale of his (not always smooth) entry in the world of ice climbing at Kosciuszko NP’s Blue Lake.

 But let’s not forget that winter in Australia doesn’t necessarily mean snow and ice: We tell you where to find the best trails in Queensland’s Scenic Rim; and we have a lyrical feature from Ross Hanan who writes philosophically about the Top End’s Jatbula Trail. And speaking of being philosophical, we have a very special piece from hemiplegic Paul Pritchard, who writes movingly of what being in the mountains means for him despite the challenges they present. We also have an insightful feature by Ryan Hansen, ‘The Lost Art of taking It Easy’, that came courtesy of multiple trips to northern NSW’s remarkable Gibraltar Range.