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  • Unboxed: A Return to the Natural World
    • For millennia, stints in the desert have been associated with thoughtful introspection. So after the confinements of the COVID-lockdowns, Matthew Crompton set off to the Red Centre’s iconic Larapinta Trail, where he could, as much as anything, do this: free his mind.
  • The Way Back Home
    • Reflections on solo hiking through Far North Queensland’s Misty Mountains.
  • Know Where You Are
    • A team of stand up paddleboarders sets off to explore Greenland’s wild coastline.
  • Photo Essay: Rock and Roll
    • Girraween National Park’s amazing granite walking
  • The Spaghetti Tour
    • Jumping crevasses and conquering fear in Europe’s Alps.
  • The Chase
    • A Canadian and Aussie team of skiers and snowboarders sets off on a fifteen-day quest to ride Australia’s steepest backcountry lines.
  • Getting Schooled
    • Tom O’Halloran represented Australia at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In 2022, he was given the opportunity to join an ‘Introduction to Mountaineering’ course in the Australian Alps. It was the second time Tom had seen snow in his life.
  • Fires of the Future
    • Australia has always had fires. But in this extract from a new book, Adventures in Climate Science, Phillip Zylstra argues that everything has changed.
  • No Turning Back
    • The 650km Australian Alpine Walking Track is one of Australia’s greatest hiking challenges. But two Queenslanders decided they needed a greater test still, so they set off to do it in winter. On the way, they dealt with avalanches, frostbite, swollen rivers, whiteouts, ice bullets, dangerous tumbles and the theft of gear…by a rat.
  • Track Notes: Murramarang South Coast Walk
    • NSW’s newest ‘Great Walk’ opened in late April, and it’s spectacular, a fantastic route down a stunning section of crinkle-cut coastline, with a seemingly endless string of jewelled beaches studded by rocky headlands and beautiful forest. We give the lowdown on everything you need to know about the destined to become one’s of the state’s favourite walks.

Smaller pieces

  • Opinion: No Online Trace
    • We’re all familiar with leave-no-trace camping. There are times we need to have the same mindset for the digital impact our outdoor activities can have. 
  • The Wild Bunch: Five Day-walks in the Red Centre
  • Getting Started: TBA
  • Q + A with Australian mountaineer Allie Pepper
  • Green Pages
    • Our regular section on environmental news from around the country.
  • Conservation profile: Tyto, the Treesitter
    • What’s it like spending months at a time up in a tree in order to save it from destruction? 
  • Winter Tents: A Comparison
    • Shaun Mittwollen outlines the pros and cons of three different winter shelter designs: the dome tent; the tunnel tent; and the pyramid.