Vertical Life 2020 Autumn #32 - Digital Only

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This edition is available in Digital copy only.

By completing the digital purchase, you will receive a PDF version of the magazine that is for your personal use (not to be shared). The digital edition is also available for purchase and viewing via Zinio.



10. Editorial: On You, On Me, Ennui

14. Preferred Stockists: We Love You See All

16. Short: News

22. Short: Simon Madden on Cardiomg

24. Short: Simon Madden on Fitspo

26. Short: Anna Deng on Climbing QTS

28. Photography: Kamil Sustiak Shoots Close to Home

32. 10 Minutes with Roxy Perry

38. Short: Read/Watch/Listen/Think

40. Interview: Collette Mcinerney of Pretty Strong

44. Review: Chelsea Brunckhorst on Pretty Strong

46. Feature: Simon Young On Moving Mat

48. Short: Simon Madden Looking for Psych

56. Short: VL Gives You Advice

58. Feature: Gerry Narkowicz on Ben Maddison

72. Feature: Ross Taylor on Grade 32

80. Feature: Ryan Siacci on the Gringo Trail

90. Column: Dendy Weller on Running Away

92. Nutrition: Amanda Watts on Eating Plants

94. Road to Tokyo - Campbell Harrison

96. Feature: Seb Pelletti's New Alpine Route

98. Training: Duncan Brown on Art vs. Science

100. Gear Test: Love it or Shove it

102. New Gear: Worship the Gods of Consumption

104. Obituary: Ted Cais

106. Obituary: Michael Hillan

108. Precious Object: "Big Dave" Brailey's Beanie