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TRAIL RUN Edition 31 - Autumn 2019

Available in Digital download only. By completing the digital purchase, a downloadable magazine PDF copy will be sent to your email for your personal use only (not to be shared).

So you’re travelling light? Not up for lugging the print flesh and blood edition? Want to maintain that nice collection of PDF reader versions you’ve been collecting since edition #1?

Get your digital fingerprints on Edition 31 of Trail Run Mag, featuring:

Mad Mission: Double Take on the Heysen and Larapinta
Baptism of Fire:  Refugees on the Run
AntarcticaNo Time for Cold Feet
The Jesus Run: On Holy Turf
Profile:  There’s Something About George
Q&A:  La Sportiva runner Issy Ross

Editors’ Columns: Chris Ord & Celeste Botton
Event Previews – from Down Under 
Dream Run  Dingle Burn NZ
Trail Crew – Wanaka, NZ 
Trail Coach – The Mix Up
Trail Health: Don’t Be A D#@k
Trail Guide – Fern Burn, NZ
Trail Porn – it’s dirty
Last Word – Revenant Original Shaun Collins 

Now’s A Good Time To Buy – all the good gear
Shoe reviews – La Sportiva Lycan, On Cloudventure, Altra Lone Peak 4.0 
Book Club  Running With The Kenyans – Adharanand Finn