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TRAIL RUN Edition 35 - Autumn 2020

By completing the digital purchase, a downloadable magazine PDF copy will be sent to your email for your personal use only (not to be shared).

The digital edition is also available for purchase and viewing via Zinio.

So you’re traveling light? Not up for lugging the print flesh and blood edition? Want to maintain that nice collection of PDF reader versions you’ve been collecting since edition #1?

By completing the digital purchase, you will receive a PDF version of the magazine that is for your personal use (not to be shared). The digital edition is also available for purchase and viewing via Zinio.


Get your digital fingerprints on Edition 35 of Trail Run Mag, featuring:


  • Editor's Column
  • Events Previews - From Down Under and NZ
  • Dreams Run - Crater Rim Ultra and Cape to Cape Track
  • Trail Crew - White Rock Warriors
  • Trail Porn - It's dirty
  • Wise Words - Duc Do - Marathon Grand Slam Club Member


  • Now's a Good Time to Buy - All the good gear
  • Book Club - Running with Sherman by Christopher McDougall
  • Show Reviews - Altra Timp 2.0, Topoi Mountain Racer


  • The Long Pathway - Lucy Clark
  • Q&A - Ash Watson
  • Red Centre Dreaming - Courtney Atkinson
  • Innerview - Ashley Druve
  • Tread Lightly - Running sustainably
  • Way Out West - Delirious W.E.S.T 350km
  • Mad Mission - Wild Trails in the Caucuses