Running In Australia

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Do you want to feel the wind in your hair? See the world around you with new eyes? Then head out the door for a run today.This is the book you have been waiting for - the ultimate route guide for runners in Australia. Whether youre looking for a change or a challenge, here are plenty of ideas on where to go: 44 excellent running routes in our capital cities. These are routes for the leisure runner venues that are easy to reach, and with full directions for the run so you wont get lost. Every one of the runs is in a scenic location, showcasing the best our cities have to offer. The selection of routes includes coastal roads, parkland trails, bush trails, lakeside jaunts, and even the occasional mountain. Runs range from 4 to 30 kilometres in length and each is accompanied with a colour map. Map sizes range from half page to two pages for each run.


The Author - Julia Thorn, is a regular contributor to the popular magazine, Runners World (trademark) plus writes articles for other running and triathlon magazines in Australia and overseas. She competes regularly in fun runs and marathons in Australia and overseas and pounds the pavement daily. This book resulted from her travels to running events where she found it was often difficult to find suitable good training runs in other cities. Based on extensive travel experience, here is her list of preferred runs in Australia.