Journey to Kona by Nick Muxlow

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Journey to Kona will teach you how to successfully prepare and train for your next Ironman triathlon, including:

  • How to implement specific Ironman training principles to improve your Ironman triathlon fitness.
  • How the different elements of Ironman triathlon – training, pacing, nutrition, tapering and more – apply to you.
  • How to invest your training time well and get the best training results.
  • How to plan, prepare for and race your best Ironman triathlon.
  • How to have more fun swimming, biking and running!

By the end of Journey to Kona, you will have unlocked an unwavering belief in yourself. You will have confidence that your training is going to improve and your racing is going to improve, and you will hit the start line confident that you are going to finish your best Ironman triathlon.