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In August of 2008, 22 climbers from several international expeditions converged on High Camp of K2, the last stop before the summit of the most dangerous mountain on Earth. 48 hours later, eleven had been killed or simply vanished into thin air. Like a horror movie come-to-life, it was as if the mountain began stealing lives, one climber at a time.

One such climber was the fun-loving, friendly Ger McDonnell, the first Irishman to summit K2. Faced with a moral dilemma after finding three climbers tangled and struggling in K2's perilous "death zone", Ger defied the climber's code and attempted to help his fellow climbers descend. This is as much Ger's story as it is an homage to the fearsome power of nature.


Director: Nick Ryan
Country: Ireland
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2013
Classification: Coarse language
Release Date: 6/08/2014
Languages: English
Subtitles: English for non English-speaking segments
Number of Discs: 1
Runtime: 95.0 mins
Format: DVD