Warren Miller's Higher Ground (2006) DVD

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For a dedicated band of the world’s most acclaimed winter sports athletes, the art of harnessing gravity to ride drops of up to 4,000 sheer feet has reached new heights in Warren Miller’s HIGHER GROUND. The film features astonishing new footage, chronicling skiers and snowboarders in their never-ending search for new and thrilling ways to ride the snow. Crisscrossing the globe, hitting the steeps of Alaska, terrain parks in Colorado, deep powder in British Columbia and cliffs in Switzerland. Warren Miller’s HIGHER GROUND is an exhilarating film experience that brings skiing and snowboarding to life on the screen as no other action sports film has done.

Part action/adventure, part documentary, Warren Miller’s HIGHER GROUND also features legendary athletes such as big mountain skiers Jeremy Nobis and Seth Morrison, Ski-BASE jumping innovator Shane McConkey, and the sport’s hot-dogging icon, Glen Plake, as well as up and coming stars like five-year-old protégée Bridger Gile.

Along with adrenaline-filled free-fall action, HIGHER GROUND delivers a SPECIAL DVD EXTRA, Glen Plake: Through the Ages.

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